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Samer Obeidat, MGM.

CEO & Product Architect

Serial entrepreneur (9x), angel investor, AI hedge funds, Founder of Stallion AI, Aiqom and Investifai. Senior Advisor to 3 governments

Daniel Shapiro, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

PhD in Deep Learning from UoOttawa, Nerd Engineer, co-founder Stallion AI, Nuraleve, Lemay and Auditmap

Hazem Awad, PhD


PhD electrical engineering, tech founder 8x with 3 exits, decentralized AI, cofounder Investifai and Stallion AI, founder of Tech SPACs

Muad Al Omari, Eng.

Head of AI Academy - MENA

Masters degree in AI, first AI business developer in MENA, has connections with 150+ organizations in MENA

Dr. Hanane Ouri

Co-founder, Head of CSR

Dr. Hanane Ouri is an entrepreneur, angel investor and a philanthropist who always seeks to add value to society.

Moh’d Jamal

Head of Growth Marketing

30+ years of marketing and BD leadership experience in FinTech, AI, Spacetech across the MiddleEast and North Africa, with a great track record of successful projects

Nathon Gunn

Innovation Advisor, Project Geminai,

Former Innovation Advisor (Canada) & CEO X-Pollinate, founder Bitcasters, Social Game Universe & LightningPlatform

Kristof de Spiegeleer

Decentralized AI Advisor, Project Geminai

Chairman Threefold Foundation, building next-gen blockchain internet infrastructure

Mathieu Lemay, Eng.

Co-founder & ML Engineering

Senior software and hardware developer with over a decade of experience in the start-up trenches, serving in a series of high-level roles in management and engineering.

Evan Steeg, PhD

Co-founder and Senior AI Consultant

Researcher (top universities, Fortune 100 companies), Inventor (patents in data mining, AI/machine learning, bioinformatics), and Entrepreneur (raised millions in VC financing, in- and out-licensed technologies, launched software products worldwide)

Saed Khawaldeh, Phil

Neuroscietist & BCI Engineer

Working at Oxford Center for Human Brain Activity on brain-machine interface applications using cortical and deep brain recording to help patients with physical disabilities through smart neuroprosthetics

Michel Van Tol, PhD

Co-founder, Investifai

Phd in Financial Econometrics. Highly skilled Quant. Investor, Fintech, DeFi and Animal Welfare

Prof. Miodrag Bolic

Academic Advisor

Associate Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Bolic’s current research includes biomedical signal processing, instrumentation and machine learning.

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